Bus awning TOUR Action 6, L: 300x D: 310 x H: 210

Bus awning TOUR Action 6, L: 300x D: 310 x H: 210
-With hook-in floor
-Large front door, can also be used as awning
-Keder-/ and sluice rod connection

2 tunnel awning with fiberglass and steel poles. 90 cm lock with doors right and left. Tinted windows for more privacy.
Vehicle connection: 5 and 8
NZ$ 690.00 including GST
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In order to determine wether an awning will fit to your van or bus you must measure your van/bus and then compare those measurements to the measurements found for each awning in the awnings description.

  • VAN / BUS AWNING, "Travel Extra"
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  • Tent Floor for Van Awning Travel Extra
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