Comet VIP Inline Water Pump with bracket, 12V, 0.6 bar, 16L/min

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Comet VIP Inline Water Pump with bracket, 12V, 0.6 bar, 16L/min
Comet Inline pump VIP-INLINE with bracket

can run dry up to 30 min without damage.
For supply of clean water up to 60°C, including drinking water.
Please note that this pump is Not self-priming.

supply: 12 V = / 12 Volt DC
current: max. 1,8 A
Output: max. 16 l / min
delivery height: max. 6 m
pressure: 0,6 bar / 8,7 psi
power: 10 - 20 W
cable length: 1m
NZ$ 52.00 including GST
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