Toilet Camperbag for Chemical Toilets, Thetford and Dometic

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Toilet Camperbag for Chemical Toilets, Thetford and Dometic
Always keep your toilet clean with these toilet bowl liners.
By inserting the toilet inlay, the toilet bowl is protected against soiling. The toilet inlay stands out due to its convenient handling; before doing number two, insert the inlay into the toilet and then flush everything down- the toilet bowl stays clean. The WC inlay is made of a special type of paper and dissolves fast after the flushing.

The following advantages are provided by the inlay:

-Reduction of water consumption by flushing
-No dirty toilet bowl
-Valve area and rubber seal stay clean
-No more unpleasant, unnecessary subsequent cleaning

available as a roll of either 40 or 100 liners.
Please select which one you would like.

Suitable for all chemical toilets including Thetford and Dometic.
NZ$ 15.00 - 26.00
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