Thule Carvan Superb XT Short Version, black

Thule Carvan Superb XT Short Version, black
Universally fitting premium drawbar carrier with tilting mechanism, to adjust the tilting angle, the Tilt Stop system is used. Its secure and easy platform locking is also appealing. The carrier provides a maximum load capacity of 60 kg (with max. 30 kg per bar) and can transport e-bikes on both rails. The carrier, which can be extended by a 3rd rail, comes with 2 distance keepers and bike straps. The Short Version, which cannot be extended to carry 3 bikes, is perfect for drawbars with a shorter structural length, providing less space for installation.

The movable brakes of the new, black version of the Superb are equipped with wheel rim retaining straps (ratchet function) for the comfortable fastening of the bikes.

Type: Short Version
Designation: The moveable bike carriers of the new, black version of the Superb are equipped with rim retaining straps with ratchet function to comfortable wheel mounting.
max. E-Bikes: 2
Colour: black
Max. Load: 60 kg
Weight: 15 kg
NZ$ 828.00 including GST
NZ$ 30.00
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