REICH "myCleanHome" caravan and RV cleaning set

The caravan/RV cleaning kit consists of 2 x 500 ml intensive cleaner, 1 x 250 ml acrylic glass cleaner, 1 x 100 ml rubber care product and 2 x cleaning cloths. You can clean everything with just this one set.

The rubber care product patches up dried out seals on windows and doors. The rubber care forms a highly elastic film on elastomers such as APTK and EPDM. This keeps the seals elastic, moisture-resistant and simply smooth.

The acrylic glass cleaner provides shining glass areas without stress cracks. One wipe, full shine.

The intensive cleaner and the care product for white plastic surfaces such as doors or blinds as well as surfaces made of hard PVC eliminates dirt entirely.

The only things that remain are a pleasant, fresh aroma, a protective cover that the surfaces and provides an anti-static effect, and an invisible sun protection to keep colour from fading due to UV rays.

Weight: 1.85 kg
NZ$ 49.00 including GST
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