Horrex Plisse Flyscreen Door

Horrex Plisse Flyscreen Door
Horrex Plisse Flyscreen Door for motorhomes and caravans.
The fly screen mesh is pleated, which means that the mesh is being folded up during operation and not rolled up with a spring. This has the advantage that the pull-bar can stay in any position. Small children can easily operate this fly screen door, as the pull-bar can be operated at any height.
Features: Pleated fly screen mesh is more visible Very user-friendly. Noiseless operation.
Pull-bar stays in any position (no spring)
Stylish design (no screws visible, aluminium construction)
Slim shape.
Case with pull-bar only 50 mm wide. Width can be cut down if needed.
Easy to install.

Height: 1935 mm
Width: 650 mm

Weight: 4800 g
NZ$ 485.00 including GST
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