Structural Adhesive Sikaflex-252i

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Structural Adhesive Sikaflex-252i

The construction adhesive is a versatile, steady, tolerance-compensating adhesive for adhesion of plating, superstructures and mounting parts. One-component polyurethane adhesive hardening with air moisture to an elastomere.

  • High mechanical resilience
  • Tolerance compensating
  • Wide adhesion spectrum
  • i-Cure Quality: Low-emission

Application: Suitable surfaces are wood, metals, particularly aluminium (incl. anodised), sheet steel (including phosphated, chromed and zinc) primers and paint coatings (2-component systems), ceramic materials and synthetics.


EUH204: Contains isocyanates. May produce an allergic reaction.
H317: May cause an allergic skin reaction
Colour: black
Content/Capacity: 300 ml
Weight: 427 g
NZ$ 49.00 including GST
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