Thetford SR Fridge Latch V2 Catch N112, N145, N97, 62698507
Thetford door latch version 2 in grey, complete with screws, pocket cover and fitting plate.

Fits Thetford Deluxe models (post July 2005 productions) N80, N90, N97, N100, N100LED, N104, N110 & N112.

Fits Thetford Deluxe models (all productions) N108, N109 & N145LED.

Fits Thetford Premium models N90, N97, N100, N104, N109, N112, N145, N150, N175 & N180.

Fits Thetford N3000 series models (some productions) N3080, N3090, N3097, N3100, N314, N3108, N3112, N3145, N3150, N3170 & N3175.
NZ$ 26.00 including GST
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NZ$ 5.00
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NZ$ 22.00
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