Hobby Caravan Gas Compartment Gas Strut Stabilus 083593, 300 NM

Hobby Caravan Gas Compartment Gas Strut Stabilus 083593, 300 NM
Stabilus 083593 Gas strut. While the original Hobby Gas strut is 400 NM, this 300 NM is a replacement for Stabilus 083607 400 NM strut due to this strut being known to damage gas compartments. While this strut will not damage your compartment it is less powerful and thus may not hold the flap open as well.

Installed in Hobby Caravans:

all models year 2003 - 2013, with the exception of the Hobby Landhaus.
Model year 2014 installed in the de Luxe easy model only.
NZ$ 136.00 including GST
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