Dometic PJS118 Portable Jump Starter, 900 A

Dometic PJS118 Portable Jump Starter, 900 A
Never be caught with a dead vehicle battery thanks to the Dometic PJS118 portable jump starter. The PJS118 is powered by lithium polymer technology that’s perfect for starting a flat 4WD or car battery. Cables, laptop connectors, alligator clips and a compact carry case come packaged with the PJS118 for ultimate convenience and portability.

Achieve ultimate peace of mind on your next outdoor adventure with the Dometic PJS118 portable jump starter. Thanks to the PJS118’s powerful lithium polymer technology and high peak power output, it’s easy to jump start a flat 4WD or car battery of up to 4 l diesel and 6 l petrol engines and set off on an adventure; simply select your voltage using the push-button function. In addition to jump starting a flat battery, the PJS118 is also perfect for charging small USB devices like a mobile phone when you’re off the grid. The PJS118 comes with built-in protection systems, including overloading, over-discharging, overheating, reverse polarity, reverse charging, voltage stabilisation, and automatic shut-off function for a safe and secure use every time. Simply view the status of charge or voltage input on the informative LCD screen.

2 x USB outputs for charging portable devices
Built-in protection systems against overloading
reverse charging
and voltage stabilisation
High peak output current of 900 A is perfect for vehicle starter batteries
Can be easily charged with the USB-C connector
LCD screen displays charging status
USB outputs and input voltage
Handy LED light with SOS and strobe functions
Comes with cables
alligator clips
12 V charger and storage case

SKU number 9600027156
Model Portable jump starter
Model on label PJS118
Product Description Portable jump starter

Operating Temperature Range -20 °C - +60 °C
Battery Type Lithium Polymer, Pure LiCo02
Start Current (A) 450
Peak Current (A) 900

Product Depth 190.5 mm
Product height 34 mm
Product width 82.5 mm
Weight 0.61 kg

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NZ$ 239.00 including GST
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