Meori foldable storage box Mini "Kiwi Green Caravan"

Meori foldable storage box Mini
These "minis" suit you well! The original camper designs are true eye-catchers on every camping vehicle or pitch/ campsite. On the road, they provide order and structure- travelling you often take important personal items, such as keys, passports, smartphones, etc. with you, but lack a central deposit- this is where the "minis" come in handy.
With their compact dimensions (W 16.5 x D 12.5 x H 14 cm), the mini box provides a capacity 1,8 L.
Great to store all the little bits and pieces in a caravan, motorhome or at home.

Material textile: 100 % PES Polyester
Design: Kiwi Green/Caravan
Dimensions (W x D x H): 16.5 × 12.5 × 14 cm
NZ$ 28.00 including GST
71 660
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