Hindermann Caravan Cover 17.6m x 630cm

Hindermann Caravan Cover 17.6m x 630cm
Cover Wintertime

Fully breathable cover protects against negative influences like rain, dirt, ice, heat or bird droppings and leaves. Moisture can easily evaporate even through the sides. The cover is made of 3-ply SFS-3 Non-woven material (160 g/m²) with high tensile strength and low weight. The cover fits caravans as well as all common types of motorhomes. All models feature 4 zippers which simplify the handling and provide access to the door and storage rooms. Additionally, they are equipped with eyelets on both sides and front and rear flaps. To determine the correct size, the longest girth around the vehicle has to be measured, excess lengths like for instance bike carriers should be accounted. Delivery includes a tensioning system, a repair set and a large bag.

Size determination
The largest circumference of the vehicle (girth measurement = 2x length + 2x width) is measured. When calculating the correct size, all protrusions like e.g. bike carrier have to be considered. Minor dimensional tolerances are permissible. The height of the cover is always approx. 35 cm lower than the overall height of the vehicle.

For Recreational Vehicle: Caravan
Material textile: 19 % PE Polyethylene, 81 % PP Polypropylene
Belt Quantity: 14
Length and Girth Combined: 17.6 m
Dimensions (W x H): 250 × 220 cm
Length: 630 cm
NZ$ 805.00 including GST
85 705
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