SOG environmentally friendly sanitary system

What is SOG?

Nobody is a fan of unpleasant odours, especially not when on holiday and definitely not in confined living spaces such as those found in motorhomes and caravans. Now imagine being able to go to the toilet in your motorhome or caravan and be welcomed by nothing but the freshest of air! For users of a SOG system, this dream is nothing but an everyday reality. Through the use of an electrically powered ventilator, SOG is able to remove any odours coming from the toilet and is also able to completely eliminate the need for toilet chemicals. This makes SOG good for both the environment and your wallet.

The company SOG Systeme GmbH & Co.KG, which was founded in 1994, uses its many years of development and experience to offer different ventilation systems for the optimisation of cassette toilets. The main objective of the company's systems is to enable caravan and motorhome toilets to be used without chemicals while also increasing the comfort of using such toilets by eliminating odours.

SOG Systeme GmbH & Co.KG produces all of its systems and components in accordance to high quality standards at its own manufacturing facilities located across Germany. This makes SOG proud to be made in Germany for over 25 years.


SOG system benefits:

Environmentally Friendly

With a SOG System your toilet uses no toilet chemicals which makes SOG great for the environment.

Eliminates Toilet Odours 

SOG prevents any odours from escaping the toilet leaving your bathroom smelling fresh.

Money Saving System

With SOG you no longer have to purchase any toilet chemicals which can save you money in the long run.


How does SOG® work?

SOG® uses a specially developed small high-performance ventilator that automatically turns on when the toilet's gate valve is opened to create negative pressure in the waste holding tank.The resulting suction (in German, "Sog", which gives the SOG® system its name) at the gate valve opening causes fresh air to be sucked into the system before being filtered to the outside together with the odours produced when the toilet is used. This flow of air acts as a seal and fully prevents any unpleasant biogas from escaping from the tank. After the ventilator has automatically switched off, the unit continues to provide ventilation to the outside and a closed system on the inside.


Watch the short video below to find out the benefits of having a SOG system:


Three different ways to install a SOG kit:

SOG Door Model

The SOG door model allows your cassette toilet to be vented straight through the toilet door which makes this model the easiest and quickest to install. The charcoal filter housing is available in 4 different colours to suit your vehicle.

SOG II Floor Model

The SOG II floor model allows your cassette toilet to be vented through a specific point in your vehicles floor. This gives you a lot of flexibility as the filter can be installed as far as 3 meters away from the toilet using additional piping.

SOG Roof Model

The SOG roof model allows your cassette toilet to be vented through the roof of your vehicle. By venting your toilet through the roof there is no need for a charcoal filter which therefore makes the SOG roof model maintenance free. 


A SOG system available for every cassette toilet:

Thetford C200

Thetford C220

Thetford C250/C260

Dometic CT3000/CT4000

Dometic Saneo

Thetford C400

Thetford C2/C3/C4

Thetford C500

Thetford Porta Potti & Dometic Transportable

Purchase a SOG kit today - how it works:

We have the complete range of SOG kits available in our online shop which you can find either by clicking on the button below or clicking on your toilet model type above. Most kits are in stock and available for immediate dispatch with the exception of some kits and spare parts which you will find labeled with "Shipped from Europe (2 month delivery time)". These products are not currently in stock but you can still order these and they will be ordered in from our European Supplier.


SOG installation:

We are able to install any SOG kit to your toilet in our workshop in Mahana. For more information regarding this installation service and the costs involved please see the Workshop page.

If you would like to install a SOG kit yourself, all SOG kits come with installation instructions and you can find further resources on the internet (YouTube etc.) to help guide you through the installation process.


Frequently asked questions

Does the SOG fan motor run continuously? 

The ventilator fan is only activated when the toilet slider valve is opened and turns off when the slider valve is closed after use.

Are toilet chemicals still required with a SOG system? 

With a SOG system chemicals are no longer required which makes your cassette toilet chemical free! The only toilet chemicals you may still want to consider using are cassette cleaning products such as the Dometic Tank Cleaner to give your cassette a clean out every once in a while.

How much power does a SOG system consume?

The 12 volt fan has a power consumption of 0.84 watts. It only consumes power when in use!

How often does the filter need replacing?

For the SOG® Door model and the SOG® II Floor model it is recommended to replace the filter once a year. For the SOG® Roof model there is no filter so it is virtually maintenance free.