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You can find and purchase many of our products and parts from our online shop here on our website.

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Parts  and accessories for Caravans and Genuine spares (including windows) for German caravans

We have a huge range of caravan parts in stock in our shop and are proud to be a dealer for FRANKANA, MOVERA and REIMO in Germany.

In addition to all the parts and spares, we also import all genuine parts and windows for German caravans such as Buerstner, Hymer, Knaus, Dethleffs, LMC (Geist), TEC, Hobby, Fendt, Weinsberg and more.

Although ADRIA is not a German caravan brand, we now supply these parts also.

We can supply anything for caravanning and camping! To see what we have for yourself, visit our shop in Mahana, check out our online shop here on the website, or click on the Frankana link below. It takes you directly onto the Frankana Website and straight onto the Catalogue in ENGLISH. You can browse through it and once you are ready to order, please contact us and we can give you the exact price for your items (the prices in the catalogue are Euros not NZ $ and as a rule of thumb: double the Euro Price and add GST).

If you would like some assistance, please feel free to get in touch. 

In addition to parts imported from Germany, we also sell products from CAMEC and Dometic.

Just let us know what you need for your caravan and we are happy to find out a price for you.

We can install any part you choose to buy in our own workshop. For a quote, please get in touch.

Parts and Accessories sales

We have several thousand parts, spares and accessories for German and European built caravans available.

Aramex Couriers come in every day to pick up the parts sold and we ship to anywhere in New Zealand and even Australia.

We can order almost any caravan part, accessories and camping gear for your caravanning and camping experience and this includes windows and other Genuine parts for German built caravans such as KNAUS, Buerstner, Dethleffs, HYMER, Hobby, LMC, TEC, GEIST and many more brands.  We import the parts directly from Switzerland or Germany.

We place orders in Germany almost every month and the freight usually takes about 6-7 weeks to arrive.

Windows for German caravans or some of the parts for older German built caravans take about 8-10 weeks to arrive.

Please note, these time frames are guidelines only and shipping times may vary.

We have a large amount of caravan parts in stock in our Shop and are happy to order in anything else for you. 

Best is to enquire. THANKS:)

To see all the items that we can order in from FRANKANA, please click on the link below, which takes you directly onto the Catalogue in English. Once you know what items you would like to order, please get in touch with us and we can give you a price for them.

View the 2019 Frankana Freiko catalogue below:

In this catalogue, you can find anything from awnings to 12 Volt pumps, roof lights, Melamine plates, windows, door catches and of course all the genuine FIAMMA, THETFORD, DOMETIC, TRUMA, THULE, WAECO, AL-KO, ISABELLA, REICH, SOG parts. We also have the spares for parts available.

Moutere Caravans Ltd. is a dealer and official agent for Frankana, Freiko, Reimo as well as Movera. 

We import caravan parts and accessories at least once a month from Germany and all parts and accessories can also be installed by us in our workshop. Please inquire for more info. Thanks:)


We also sell, repair and install products from CAMEC and DOMETIC:


Please feel free to get in touch if you would like some more info or if you need help with finding the right item.  

Even better: come into our shop and workshop on 219 Old Coach Road (Corner of School Road) in Mahana, Upper Moutere, Nelson. 

We can also import most genuine parts for your German Caravan directly from the manufacturer or dealer in Europe. These parts are not in a catalogue but we have our suppliers in Switzerland and Germany to source the parts for the major German Caravan brands such as Buerstner, Dethleffs, Knaus, HYMER, TEC, Hobby, Fendt, Geist and many more.

If you need a replacement part and are not sure what you need, we can help you with that, too. Just email us a photo or get in touch and we can let you know availability and prices.

We do a lot of work for insurance companies and can take the hassle out of the process by dealing directly with the insurance company.



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Please note: Prices are incl. GST and may be subject to change.