Fiamma rafter for caravanstore XL bag awning

Fiamma rafter for caravanstore XL bag awning
FIAMMA rafter for CARAVANSTORE XL bag awning
The correct rafter to use with your FIAMMA caravanstore awning. It has been specifically designed to be used with your caravanstore, the one in the bag.
This rafter is suited for the standard as well as the XL awning (adjustable length)
It is telescopic and made out of aluminium and very easy to fit.
At the front, the spike goes into the hole of the front aluminium roll and the back goes into the plastic holder attached to the inside of the bag and presses against the wall of the caravan.

Fiamma 03888-02-
EAN: 8004815242749
NZ$ 94.00 including GST
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