Alko Safety Lock for AKS161 & AKS270

Alko Safety Lock for AKS161 & AKS270
AL-KO security locks for couplings on caravans make it more difficult for thieves because such a lock protects against unauthorized coupling and uncoupling.

The practical things about such a lock for the trailer coupling: it can remain attached while driving. It is easy to attach and visually appealing: AL-KO security locks form an attractive unit with the coupling.

The anti-theft device AL-KO Safety for the ball coupling AK 161/AK 270 also meets the highest international security requirements.

AL-KO Safety can be used both in standing and driving mode, and is supplied with two keys. The threefold protection protects your caravan against unauthorised coupling or uncoupling as well as unauthorised dismantling of the coupling. Together with the Safety Ball, you protect your coupling optimally against thieves.

for: AK161/AK270
Dimensions (⌀ x H): 12.2 × 10.8 cm
Weight: 2.5 kg
NZ$ 426.00 including GST
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