High rise tow ball for safety / anti sway couplings, 50 mm

High rise tow ball for safety / anti sway couplings, 50 mm
HIGH RISE TOW BALL including locking plate.
Diameter Ball: 50 mm

The correct high rise tow ball to tow any caravan with anti sway/ safety coupling from AL-KO or Winterhoff.
Length of shank: 65 mm
Certified and tested high rise tow ball from cm trailer parts.

3 shank sizes available:

3/4" shank for a weight up to 2000 kg
7/8" shank for a weight up to 3500 kg
1" shank for a weight up to 3500 kg

Please Select in the size option box which size you need, Thanks

If you are in our area and come in, we are happy to fit the tow ball for you and also explain the proper use of the safety coupling.

NOTE: we also carry a wide range of parts such as the friction pads or locks for AL-KO and Winterhoff safety couplingd and are offering Servicing on caravans (incl. brakes and Safety couplings).
Any questions? Just talk to us and we will be very happy to help:)
NZ$ 120.00 including GST
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