Winterhoff WS 3000 Safety Pack incl. Robstop, Safety Ball and Ball Cap

Winterhoff WS 3000 Safety Pack incl. Robstop, Safety Ball and Ball Cap
The WS 3000 dampens side and pitch motions of the trailer at the first attempt up to 350 Nm!

Coupling Display to check the fit of the ball of the vehicle in the WS 3000 after coupling, more accurate wear indication for testing the condition of the friction elements and the ball of the vehicle, significantly increased handle for maximum stability during use, optimal seat of the Maxi-Soft-buffer by new mounting points on top and bottom of the housing of the WS 3000.

Coupling of the WS 3000 is no problem even for vehicles with an externally mounted spare wheel and only a small space between bumper and ball coupling
Maxi-Soft-Buffer protects legs and bumper
Plenty of space between handle and drawbar
All friction linings are exchangeable due to the Clip-System
Extremely slender design gives unrestricted ball shaft space
Display easily readable
Low weight with trailer load up to 3000 kg
Coupling load up to 150 kg.

Includes Safety Ball, Robstop and Ball Cap
The Safety Ball is used in the ball area of the WS 3000. Hence, an additional protection is provided.

The anti-theft device ROBSTOP WS 3000 provides protection against:

-Unauthorised disconnection of trailers from towing vehicle
-Connection of the trailer to another towing vehicle
-Ball coupling being dismantled from the tow bar
-Accidental disconnection of the trailer during driving
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