Peggy Peg Crocodile Mat/Awning Clamp

Peggy Peg Crocodile Mat/Awning Clamp
In a camper’s everyday life there is a multitude of moments when something shall be hanged, clamped or fixed in some way. In this case, Crocodile Peggy is the ideal tool for you. The multifunctional, powerful quick-release clamp offers almost unlimited options. Crocodile Peggy is made from high-strength fibre-glass reinforced, UV-resistant polyamide and adapted to our Peggy Pegs. Adjusting the pressure of the Crocodile Peggy is easily done by a lever, making it possible to clamp delicate materials without damaging them. Further, you can simply hang towels or sun shades somewhere or fix a carpet, awning etc. to the ground. There are loads of possibilities to use the Crocodile Peggy, so it is always an advantage to have some Crocodile Peggy clamps ready to use.

content piece: 1
Width: 40mm
Height: 40mm
Length: 120mm
NZ$ 9.00 including GST
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