Brunner Kinetic Awning Floor range, Multiple Sizes Available

Brunner Kinetic Awning Floor range, Multiple Sizes Available
Kinetic 600 heavy duty awning floor mat by Brunner.
These awning mats are very comfortable and quiet to walk on, are UV resistant, Humidity resistant, are washable and dry really quick and they are very durable.
Best quality awning mats you can get on the market.

We currently stock the following sizes:

- 2.5 x 3 m (Ideal for the porch awning FORTUNA that we sell)
- 2.5 x 4 m
- 2.5 x 5 m
- 2.5 x 6 m
- 2.5 x 7 m

Please select what size you would like in the size box.

Colour: light grey mixed with dark grey (will look great in almost any awning due to its neutral colours)

Weight: 600 g /m2

Perfect solution to use in an awning, tent or even outside your caravan or RV (for example under your wind out awning).

We have various sizes in stock. Please enquire if you need a different size than the ones listed, Thanks:)
NZ$ 185.00 - 345.00
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