AL-KO Shock absorber, red

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AL-KO Shock absorber, red
AL-KO Octagon Shock Absorber RED
Can be retrofitted to caravans equipped with AL-KO Chassis.
When used on Single axle chassis: for weight up to 2000 kg
When used on Tandem axle chassis: for weight up to 3500 kg

Ideal Cushioning:
Every driver of car/trailer combination fears swivelling movements on uneven roads. The AL-KO Octagon Shock Absorber immediately reduces the dangerous “hopping” phenomenon.

Easy to Install:
Rubber-cushioned articulated connections facilitate a low-wear, low-distortion installation position, up to 5° inclination is possible.

Long Service Life:
Overload protection prevents a too high material load. AL-KO only uses quality seals and special oil.

AL-KO Shock Absorbers can be used for almost all trailer axles. Please note the installation dimensions in the installation instructions. The shock absorber is installed in front of the axle, facing the direction of travel. The protective jacket (red, blue, green) is always
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