Hobby Caravan BPW Axle Shock Absorber (1993 - 2003)

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Hobby Caravan BPW Axle Shock Absorber (1993 - 2003)
BPW/Peitz shock absorber for Hobby single-axle caravans from 1993 to 2003 with a BPW axle permitted to a total weight of 1600 kg.

If your caravan has a BPW or Peitz axle, then it is possible that the shock absorber was used even before 1993. In this case it is important to check if the following number is imprinted on the shock absorber: A2-110-45/200 or CP D-02 37223900.

The price is for 1 unit. This is a new version of the original shock absorber, but it's identical in its specifications and features.

Length extended 360 mm (center eye / center eye)

Length retracted 225 mm (center eye / center eye)

Made in Germany.

317210052 1206 IX
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