Fiamma 40 Litre Grey Water Roll Tank

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Fiamma 40 Litre Grey Water Roll Tank
Best Rollaway tank/container for wastewater on the market!

This very practical and portable 40 litre waste tank with level indicator and air release valve is just placed under the sink/shower wastewater outlet of your caravan or motorhome.

It has the following features:
•Level indicator
•Air release valve
•Large wheels
•Inlet: 3 inch bayonet fitting
Trusted italian brand FIAMMA.

Made out of sturdy grey coloured plastic.

Can be easily altered to be used for self-containment certification.

(please check regulations in regards to how much capacity tank you need!!)

We also offer the tanks that are already converted for self containment and offer Self containment work on your caravan.
NZ$ 246.00 including GST
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