HINDERMANN CONCEPT ZWOO bike cover for Ebikes on rear carriers

HINDERMANN CONCEPT ZWOO bike cover for Ebikes on rear carriers
Oustanding quality bike cover by Hindermann:
Concept ZWOO for Ebikes on rear carriers (on any carrier as long as it is mounted to the rear wall of the RV or caravan- EXCEPT FOR THE FOLD DOWN/LIFT ones).
The new concept Zwoo is an all round closed cover, where the bicycle rack can be stored safely together with the bicycles as you can see from the photos. On the back wall there are two zips at different heights, for the retaining brackets, through which the brackets are guided. In this way, a tight adjustment to various racks is possible. In addition, the cover can be secured from the outside using various clamping straps if needed. (these straps are an extra and not included in with the cover)
With large clear pocket for warning sign. (this is sold as an extra also).
When wanting to remove the bikes, all you need to do is open the zip and unclamp the bikes and take them down from the carrier. The cover stays on.
This model here is for two Ebikes and it is therefore longer than the standard cover for the rear with zips also. The length for the ebike model is 2140 mm and therefore works great for long bikes.

Should your bikes have a length of less than 1900, then the standard model will do even if your bikes are ebikes.

The protective covers are not suitable for installation on normal cars.
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