Sun Roof PLAYA, Available in different sizes and colours

Sun Roof PLAYA, Available in different sizes and colours
Sun Awning Playa
Get shade this summer with the easy to use sunroof PLAYA.
This sun canopy can be used in various ways – not only as a shade provider in front of your caravan, but also as a shelter for the gas bottle storage as well as the drawbar. In addition, it can also be used to protect your car at the rear of the caravan (only for Playa 250 and if you have a awning rail at the front/rear of your caravan.

Material: Airtex fabric coated on the outside, water repellent, easy to maintain and tearproof.

Scope of Delivery: 3 aluminium upright poles for 350 cm Playa (250 cm Playa has 2 poles). Tensioning material and pegs.

Available in the following sizes:
-250 × 240 cm
-300 × 240 cm
-350 × 240 cm

Available in the following colours:

Please select the size and colour you would like below.

Awning Depth: 240 cm
Material: 100 % Airtex fabric
NZ$ 310.00 - 390.00
[{"colour":"Blue","code":"070/401-1","size":"250 cm x 240 cm","price":269.565,"pid":2067684,"style":"","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/356412/pid2051876/24982608897c3f86acb092682ac5bc85d9349dfb_070400_01_h_20_fan_thumbnail_2000px_72ppi.jpeg","title":"Sun Roof PLAYA, Available in different sizes and colours"},{"colour":"Grey","code":"070/401","size":"250 cm x 240 cm","price":269.565,"pid":2897739,"style":"","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/356412/pid2051876/24982608897c3f86acb092682ac5bc85d9349dfb_070400_01_h_20_fan_thumbnail_2000px_72ppi.jpeg","title":"Sun Roof PLAYA, Available in different sizes and colours"},{"colour":"Grey","code":"070/402","size":"300 cm x 240 cm","price":313.043,"pid":2897743,"style":"","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/356412/pid2051876/24982608897c3f86acb092682ac5bc85d9349dfb_070400_01_h_20_fan_thumbnail_2000px_72ppi.jpeg","title":"Sun Roof PLAYA, Available in different sizes and colours"},{"colour":"Blue","code":"070/403-1","size":"350 cm x 240 cm","price":339.13,"pid":2067685,"style":"","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/356412/pid2051876/24982608897c3f86acb092682ac5bc85d9349dfb_070400_01_h_20_fan_thumbnail_2000px_72ppi.jpeg","title":"Sun Roof PLAYA, Available in different sizes and colours"},{"colour":"Grey","code":"070/403","size":"350 cm x 240 cm","price":339.13,"pid":2897744,"style":"","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/356412/pid2051876/24982608897c3f86acb092682ac5bc85d9349dfb_070400_01_h_20_fan_thumbnail_2000px_72ppi.jpeg","title":"Sun Roof PLAYA, Available in different sizes and colours"}]
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