LILIE Underfloor Mounting Set For Water Tanks

LILIE Underfloor Mounting Set For Water Tanks
Mounting set for secure mounting of water tanks.
The load capacity per belt is 150kg.
5m steel tension strap with plastic coating. Height adjustment possible and non-slip.
Model: Luxus

The SB set consists of:

2 threaded screws M 8/45 mm, galvanized
2 height adjustment pieces, galvanized for M 8
4 threaded screws with hexagon nut, M 8/25 mm, galvanized
10 large washers ø 8 mm galvanized
4 nuts M 8, galvanized; 3.2 mm strap; Dimensions (L x W): 450 x 2.7 cm
2 slotted screws M 8 x 30 mm galvanized
2 eyebolts M 8 x 45 mm galvanized
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