Fiamma, roof vent, 400 x 400 mm, screwed down from top, white

Fiamma, roof vent, 400 x 400 mm, screwed down from top, white
A 40 x 40 cm roof light, made with superior quality impact and UV-resistant materials.
Supplied with permanent air flow ventilation system and mosquito screen, the external aerodynamic cover guarantees a watertight system.
For installation on roofs with thickness of max 8.5 cm, an optional extension kit is available.
Cut out size is 400 x 400 mm
This roof vent gets sealed and attached (screws or rivets) from top of roof rather than a "sandwich system".
It therefore makes it the perfect hatch for buses, motorhomes and caravans.
Colour: white
We also sell the sealant/mastic to install the roof vent. You can find the Wuerth sealant under the sealant category.
NZ$ 125.00 including GST
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