Motorhome pop up greeting card

Motorhome pop up greeting card
An amazing gift idea for any motorhome owner/fan is this beautifully crafted pop up greeting card- suitable for any occasion from birthdays to fathers days or just like that.

Amazing 3D Greeting Card:
It works alike a magic when you open this 1 millimeter-thick card to present a 15 centimeter 3D delicate building on a piece of paper in front your eyes, and then disappear it in just one second by easily close it!
Design:laser cut, hand assembled, pop-up greeting cards, which are blank inside for your own message,cards fold completely flat for mailing in the included envelope without glue.
Envelope colour: brown (recycled paper)
Card colour outside: dark blue
Card colour inside: orange
Card size: 200 x 150 mm
NZ$ 24.00 including GST
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