REMItop Vario II Skylight/ Roof Vent, 400 x 400 mm With Crank

REMItop Vario II Skylight/ Roof Vent, 400 x 400 mm With Crank
Please note: This version winds opens with a crank handle rather than with the click stays.

This skylight convinces by high-quality materials and workmanship, attractive design and proven functionality.

Tinted insulating panes
Fixation clamp set needed for roof thicknesses exceeding 36 mm
High opening angle, can be tilted/shifted up to 60°
Horizontal or vertical installation
Simple and secure locking via smooth-running crank handle or arms
Flat structure, streamlined and quiet
Integrated blackout and insect protection system
Standard version without illumination
Outer Frame: beige; Inner Frame: grey/white

variant: Crank
Cut-Out Nominal Dimension: 400 × 400 mm
Height above Roof: 11 cm
Hood Size: 540 x 510 mm
Roof Thickness: 24 – 65 mm
Forced Ventilation: Yes
NZ$ 335.00 including GST
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