AL-KO 48mm Jockey Wheel, Plastic Wheel with Alko Soft Rubber Tyre

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AL-KO 48mm Jockey Wheel, Plastic Wheel with Alko Soft Rubber Tyre
AL-KO Jockey wheels are designed for stability, durability, ease of operation and long service life.

AL-KO Jockey wheels are hot dip galvanized preventing corrosion and ensuring durability.
They incorporate a thrust bearing which greatly reduces the effort required to manoeuvre the caravan.

Tube Diameter: 48mm
Static Load Capacity: 150kg Max
Dynamic Load Capacity: 90kg Max
Corrosion Protection: Galvanised
Crankshaft: Thrust Bearings
Wheel Rim: Plastic
Tyre: 240 x 70mm Alko soft rubber
Wheel Bearings: Friction bearings
Weight: 5kg
NZ$ 158.00 including GST
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