Thetford Model 3 Service Door for Cassette Toilet

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Thetford Model 3 Service Door for Cassette Toilet
Double sealed with a good waterproof insulation. For all walls with a thickness between 23 mm and 39 mm.

Closures with special buttons (with push button) that ensure that the doors close in a safe way and can not be opened unexpectedly or forced.

Can be installed either horizontally or vertically.


- Full door frame.

- Lock with 2 Thetford keys.

- 10 small screws and 8 pieces to attach to the wall.

- Template to create the cut out in the wall.

Main measure: 385 x 335 mm.

Opening gate / diaphragm: 330 x 280 mm.

Cutting size: 349 x 296 mm.

Thetford 2680580
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