Telesat 23.6" LED HD TV with DVD and Freeview, 12V/240V

Telesat 23.6
Designed for the NZ Market, the Telesat 24" HD TV/DVD is ideal for anywhere such as Mobile, Home, RV, Caravan or Bach.

TV comes standard with remote control and built-in satellite Freeview meaning that no separate receiver is required! This allows you to connect straight to a satellite dish for superb reception!

Features a CI slot for skycard.


•High Definition
•Dimensions(mm): 580W x 370H - (410H Including Stand)
•Remote Control
•2 Year Warranty
•Built in DVD Player
•MySky Compatible
•Built in Freeview (no separate receiver required)
•Inbuilt Satellite Tuner
•Record TV and playback movies or Photos from USB
•Pretuned Freeview

•DVD Player
•SD Cards
•PC Audio In
NZ$ 595.00 including GST
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