SOG Type 320S for Dometic Saneo, Door Version Kit, White

SOG Type 320S for Dometic Saneo, Door Version Kit, White
SOG Type 320S for Dometic Saneo
Door Version Kit, White

SOG optimises camping toilets in two aspects:

Usage without sanitary additives – through the increased addition of oxygen, optimal decomposition is ensured (similar to bioaeration of sewage-treatment facilities).
Enormous increasing of comfort due to odour extraction – no more toilet odours in motorhomes.
The SOG toilet ventilation can be retrofitted to any Dometic and Thetford cassette toilet. The system makes the use of sanitary liquids unnecessary (except for maintenance and cleaning), because it not only guarantees optimal decomposition, but also prevents odour formation – even while in use! The product is supplied as a kit with accessories and instructions.

Ensures an effective ventilation thanks to the high speed! The increased oxygen supply ensures decomposition. The fan only starts while use, which leads to a low power consumption. A filter housing with an active charcoal filter neutralises the gases released at the outer wall of the motorhome or caravan.

Advantages of SOG:

No chemical additives
Commercial toilet paper
Easy disposal
High comfort
All kits include not only a fan, adapter parts, a filter housing and a filter, but also a harness with switches for the power supply of the fan, and the complete hardware for installation (with very precise assembly instructions).

Replacement filters and activated carbon filters should be replaced every year.

Type: SOG 1
variant: door version
Nominal Voltage: (DC) 12 V
NZ$ 436.00 including GST
SOG-410 011 0
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