Fiamma Bike Block Pro S D1 for Fiamma Bike Carriers

Fiamma Bike Block Pro S D1 for Fiamma Bike Carriers
Renewed design, easily fixes and blocks round and oval tubes from 25mm to 100mm in diameter. With extra wide and soft bike mount (6 cm).

Ergonomic and practical

By changing the position of the fastening knurled screw of the bike block, it is possible to turn the plastic end piece. With the knurled screw now positioned at the front and the improved mounting of the rubber pad, the Bike-Block Pro S is very practical to use.

Bike-Block Pro D – with an articulated arm that gives you more space to attach the bikes.

Technical information:
Type: Pro S D1
colour: silver black
Fiamma no: 07215D01A
EAN: 8004815336073
NZ$ 112.00 including GST
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