ReinoldMax StopFire 500ml Aerosol Fire Extinguishing Spray

ReinoldMax StopFire 500ml Aerosol Fire Extinguishing Spray
Includes florescent holder mount!

Safe fire extinguishing spray ReinoldMax is simple to use for each family member - take off the cap, point and spray.
ReinoldMax 500ml contains a mix of water and AFFF foam. No toxic materials and it is harmless to human health and environment. You can spray ReinoldMax on cloths or even skin.
In less than 15 seconds it extinguishes any type of household fire or electric equipment up to 1000 V at starting fire stage. Tested by MPA Dresden. The can of ReinoldMax 500ml must be kept all the time in vertical position.
When sprayed on motor, sensitive electronic parts or pc, it will make no damage or leave stains. For quick cleaning simply wipe the white foam away with the cloth.

How it works?

ReinoldMax fire extinguishing spray is an unique product. It makes cooling and percolation effects extinguishing all types of fire. It affects a fire seat not only by separating oxygen from flame, but also by decreasing a temperature of the fire seat swiftly. Immediately after the fire is stopped the fire seat has already been cooled off. This feature is indispensable for cooling hot surface or liquidation of fire under a hot hood of a car. These extinguishing processes not only prevent against the flame but also do not allow re-ignition.

Technical data:

Product name: ReinoldMax 500
Weight (netto): 500 g
Weight (brutto): 650 g
Temperature range: 0ºC…+50ºC / -20ºC...+50ºC
Fire classes: 3A 13B 5F E
Continuous working time: 19 sec.
Length of sprayed flow: 3-4
Measurements (Diameter x Height, mm): 66 x 218
Filling agents: Water, foam concentrate AFFF by DuPont, gas nitrogen N2.
Cylinder pressure at 25ºC t: 1.0 MPa
Raw materials: Aluminium non-welded mono bloc of cylinder shape, inside covered with an anti-corrosion epoxy layer, primed and painted outside.
Usage: Using ReinoldMax fire extinguishing sprays you will quickly liquidate wood, paper, inflammable fluids, oil, car, rubber and plastic fires.
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