Mini Tube Interior LED 12V Chrome 18SMD

Mini Tube Interior LED 12V Chrome 18SMD
The Mini Tube is a surface mounted light fitting with an adjustable angle. SMD uses a slimmer card where the diodes are placed closer together which allows more room for effective DC/DC transformers. The result is a card with more light intensity, increased light spread with more wavelengths, reducing shadows and providing better resistance against voltage overload.
Great spotlight/reading light for caravans and motorhomes.
Surface Mounted
18 SMD
12 Volt
Colour: Chrome


Volt 12-14V
131- 200 Ampere (mA)
3000-3200 Colour (k)
59 Lumen
80 RA - index
Beam spread: 120 degree
Life time: 30,000 hours
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