Smart Roll water barrel for caravans, 40 Litres

Smart Roll water barrel for caravans, 40 Litres
Fresh water roll container/water hog, 40 Liters with handle.
This water carrier allows for the easy transportation of fresh water to your caravan or motorhome.
It is manufactured from high density food quality polyethylene (HDPE) material.
It has a 40 liter capacity which reduces the need to keep transporting water from the supply tap to your vehicle.
It incorporates an integral handle for easy portability.
The two wide wheels give a good ground clearance making it easy to transport the carrier across all types of terrain. The carrier is drop and impact resistance.
The roll container can be filled at the side or at the top.
The filling apertures are a generous 60mm.
The carrier can accommodate a submersible pump.
It comes supplied with a removable handle for easy storage and a filler hose.
The overall width of the 40 liters carrier is 400 mm and its height is 500 mm.
Colour: beige
NZ$ 139.00 including GST
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