KiwiCash Key Tag

KiwiCash Key Tag
KiwiCash key tag (or Kiwicash "fob")

A KiwiCash Digital Key is designed to grant you access to KiwiCamp facilities. In order to activate any KiwiCamp facilities, you will need to obtain one of these keys.

How to use your KiwiCash Key Tag:
- Purchase a KiwiCash key tag
- Download the app from the apple app store, google play or visit
- Enter your details to create a KiwiCash account.
- Sync your KiwiCash Key to your account by entering you KiwiCash key's unique code.
- Top up your account by your credit card.

Please note: Kiwi Cash key tags are supplied unloaded without any funds and will require a top up prior to first use.
NZ$ 5.00 including GST
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