Wurth Bond and Seal Power Structural Adhesive, 300ml White

Wurth Bond and Seal Power Structural Adhesive, 300ml White
Heavy-duty, elastic hybrid structural adhesive
300ml, White in colour.

Excellent adhesive range and high level of initial strength

Very good adhesion to almost all surfaces
Simple to attach components
Elastic with low stretchability

Can be painted over

Can be painted over before and after the skin has formed with all commercially available paint systems (except alkyd resin paints).


Ideally suited to visible joints


Prevents metal corrosion

Low-odour, VOC- and solvent-free

Application area:
For dynamically stressed, structural bonding as well as seam and joint seals in bodywork, vehicle and caravan construction, carriage and container construction, metal and apparatus construction, air-conditioning and ventilation duct construction, the food industry, and much more.

The substrates must be clean, dry, and free of grease. For pre-treatment, please refer to the optimisation table in the technical data sheet.

Cut off thread cap, screw on nozzle, and cut to the required width. Apply the adhesive using a suitable application gun. To benefit from the advantages of thick-film bonding, a minimum adhesive thickness of 3 mm is recommended.
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