Ghidini All-Purpose Piezoelectric Lighter for gas stoves

Ghidini All-Purpose Piezoelectric Lighter for gas stoves
Italian made Ghidini Piezoelectric Gas Lighter.
Ideal to light the gas hob, stove, BBQ, Grill or cooker in your caravan or RV.
They come with a holder so you can easily attach it to the wall close to where you need it.
Always ready for use: They work without a flint, batteries, electric power, resistance or recharging. So they will virtually last you forever.
When the button is pushed down, it will fire around 10 sparks and when the button is released it will fire another 10 sparks. So it will make igniting your gas hob much easier than with a lighter or matches as it is really safe to use and there is no flame!
Length of lighter: 22 cm

Please note that the colour of the button may vary.
NZ$ 27.00 including GST
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