Fiamma Aqua 8 quiet power water Pump, 10 l

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Fiamma Aqua 8 quiet power water Pump, 10 l
The only self-priming pump with incorporated filter and anti-vibration Silent plate included.

The Aqua 8 pumps water vertically over 3m with no priming.
Complete with silent plate which eliminates vibrations.
The stainless steel filter prevents impurities from entering and is easily cleaned so the pump lasts longer.

An automatic pressure switch starts and stops the pump by opening and closing the valve.
Non-toxic materials are used for all parts of the pump that come into contact with the water.

The pump can operate in any position, but we recommend installation by placing the motor on top and the head below to prevent possible damage caused by leaks.
Install on a solid surface to reduce noise and vibrations.
Angle and straight connectors for Ø 133mm pipes included.
Standard versions with pressure switch intervention to 1.5 Bar for cumulating Truma Boilers

Model: 12v 10L
Power supply V: 12
Absorption (A): 3.4
Max flow (L/min) at ) bar: 10
Noise level (db): 65/70
Pressure switch interval (Bar): 1.5
Pressure switch interval (Psi): 21.75
NZ$ 276.00 including GST
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