Yachticon Head Lube Oil for Marine Toilets 100ml

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Yachticon Head Lube Oil for Marine Toilets 100ml
Yachticon Head Lube Toilet Oil Lubricant

Yachticon Head Lube Toilet Oil Lubricant is a very effective and useful product for use with marine toilet systems on board boats and other similar systems in motor homes, for example.

The active ingredients in Yachticon Head Lube Toilet Oil Lubricant mean that it is able to lubricate, clean and protect all of the rubber seals of your heads or toilet system because it contains environmentally friendly natural oils that can remove salt deposits and prevent the pump valves from clogging up.

Removes salt deposits
Prevents clogging of the pump valves
Contains environmentally friendly natural oils
Add to toilet bowl then pump several times before leaving head lube to stand
Contents: 100 ml
NZ$ 20.00 including GST
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