Whale Watermaster Vertical Onboard Water Pump FP0814

Whale Watermaster Vertical Onboard Water Pump FP0814
The Whale Watermaster Water Pump is an on-board pump that delivers a smooth water supply to your van. It's lightweight design means it weighs only 1.48kg, saving you that all important, and precious weight. It also saves you the much-needed space in your van as, by being mounted vertically, it can fit into tight spaces. Specifically designed diaphragms give the water a smooth flow and the pump can run dry without causing any damage - giving you less to worry about!

- Vertically mounted to fit into tight spaces
- Fully sealed, protective motor housing
- 12mm push fittings
- 12V d.c.
- Open flow rate per min - 8L (2.0 GPM)
- Cut Out Pressure (2 Bar 30psi)
- Recommended fuse size of 5 Amp Automotive
- Weight - 1.48kg
- Includes strainer

Whale product FP0814
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